Monday, November 15, 2010

Momversation Fresh Voice of 2010

Hey Ladies,
Its your chance to help me make one of my Bloggy dreams come true. Momversation is kicking off their very first award season! Yep, they're looking for the best emerging and undiscovered talent in the mom blogosphere. So if you think The TRUTH about Motherhood a fabulous blog, spread the word and nominate me in the provided form on You could help me become Momversation's Fresh Voice of 2010! Thanks for your support!You rock. Happy Mothering!

(Truthful Mommy)


  1. Thanks love! You rock, but then again you already knew that:)Happy Mothering!

  2. Best of luck!

    Love from London and Little Scandinavian

  3. I nominated you, babe! I said, and I quote (myself): "She is witty and wise, and speaks the uncensored truth!! She makes other moms feel comfortable with who they are by honestly sharing what it's like to be a parent of small children." Love to you, hope you win!

  4. So excited for you!! I nominated you too and looks like your getting lots more!! I really hope you win. xoxoxo


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