Friday, July 23, 2010

Throat Punch Thursday: Hot as hell edition

Throat Punch Thursday, obviously its a day late this week. As most of you know, being a Daddy's away insomniac , I normally do my posts at 2  in the morning for the day. Last night, I was( still am) out of town ( yet again)  and by some freak of nature my husband and  I were in the same place at the same time..with a ready and willing Mother in Law to babysit.So,I hope you all can forgive me for being a day late but it was between posting my Throat Punch or snuggling with my husband. I chose to snuggle:) But here is the Throat Punch...

This weeks throat punch goes to the ridiculous heat wave that has been hitting the midwest over the past couple of weeks. I don't so much mind the heat as this awful , God forsaken humidity. What is that all about? How am I supposed to maintain my composure and good looks when I am literally melting. I put on make up, it melts. I put on melts. I take a shower..I sweat before the water has even dried off. I know, sexy , right?  I'm all for being a HOT Mommy but not a hot, sweaty Mommy!The humidity is making me retain water. And to top it off, the only thing not melting is my hair. Which I spend an hour a day making look like this
only to walk outside and have it immediatley turn into this
 But really, lets be more like this
So, 94 degrees that feels like 104 degrees, thanks for making me look and feel so beautiful. I especially love the PMS like heat induced sunshiney attitude that the heat has triggered; my family thanks you to.So I am going to put the sunshiney attitude to good use and throat punch the effing heat wave! Thanks for nothing. I always wanted to look like a fat hooker in a church with really bad hair!Happy Friday!


  1. LOL happy Friday to you, too :) I'm sure you do NOT look like a fat hooker!

  2. I hate humidity. I have wavy hair and straightening it takes SO much time. It's annoying when all my hard work gets screwed up cause of some lame ass humidity!


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