Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where's my fairy?

Seems like the damn Cleaning fairy has once again missed my house! Damn her. Now, I suppose I will have to spend the whole day tomorrow not only trying to pull together some crap for my neighborhood garage sale but trying to get my house up to par before my husband returns home this weekend. You know, I am so glad when he comes home but since when does he get the "guest" treatment? I mean, wait a minute, aren't I the one holding it all together all week long? Why should I be trying to convince him that the house is always immaculate? He's lived here full time before..he knows these kids are like Tasmanian devils on crack. Who am I trying to fool? and why is he going along with it? That's it, I'm boycotting! The Cleaning Fairy better get her ass over here STAT! By the way, why do we always try and convince our visitors that our house is always spotless, especially our other Mommy friends? Doesn't it only serve to make them feel like they are less of a Mommy because they are at an immaculate house..knowing damn well there are Goldfish and Cheerios keeping company on their floors? I'm making a decision..I have to stop this madness. I'm doing it for all of us. So next time you are over my house and its not immaculate, don't judge me...I'm doing it for you! I am sacrificing my own cleaning standards and anal retentiveness, so that you may live more peacefully and happy!Happy Mothering. I'm off to bed. See you in the morning dirty house and I may or may not give you the attention you so crave in the morning!


  1. Well, if you lived in my area, I'd say she was right here!!

    I clean houses for a living...or am trying to, rather. I sure could use the work!

  2. Hey Truthful Mommy! I just got back from my week long trip to NY. I didn't get a chance to check my blog much while I was gone. But I did see that you gave me a sunshine award! How sweet are you!? Thank you very much. It means a lot! I love reading your blog. In today's world there are so many fake and phoniness....truth and honesty is refreshing :) Take care!

  3. Hahaha. This is so true. Everyone knows that unless you have a maid, no one lives in a spotlessly clean house. Yet when we have company I spend two days dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning out the fridge, the pantry, everything. Things I haven't done in months!

  4. @Laina, Sometimes all that beforehand cleaning makes visitors more trouble than they are worth:) Thank God over the years I have made a few friends who I can be myself with ..let them see that I am flawed.Shhhh! It's a BIG secret! Everyone else I know thinks I am absolutely perfect...NOT!Happy WEdnesday!


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