Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Precious One

From the Virginian-Pilot, May 21:
Plastic human fetus dolls - soft, in pink and brown, and about 4" long - have been handed out at Oakwood Elementary School [Norfolk, VA] by an employee who was put on administrative leave Thursday over the situation....
The dolls, which were distributed over weeks or months, are not authorized by the division as instructional materials, spokeswoman Elizabeth Thiel Mather said Thursday. Mather said the employee will remain on leave until school officials investigate the reports....
Principal Sheila Tillett Holas was put on leave today.... The division began its investigation after The Pilot asked school leaders this week about the fetus dolls.
The distribution of the life-like forms among grade school children shocked and repelled some parents and teachers and School Board members who discussed them in a closed meeting this week.

Seriously? How can this be allowed? In what way is this acceptable to distribute in an elementary school? This is ridiculous. Students in that age group should not be learning sex ed, little lone about the concept of pregnancy, birth and abortion! I can NOT believe parents didn't see their kids with this and handle this situation sooner.Weeks? Months? WTH!!! I am flabbergasted. I would have freaked the EFF out if my elementary child came home with this "doll". Either someone , who has no business doing so, is telling my children about sex and babies or they have effectively given them an inappropriate toy to bring home and left me with the aftermath explanation to a child who is too young to handle the complexity of the concepts involved. CNN, again you have opened my eyes to the atrocities in this world!

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  1. I completely agree! This is absurd and completely inappropriate for these children.


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