Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The No Good, very bad , terribly horrible Monday

I've never been a big believer in the whole I hate Monday's credo. Alas, I have been made into a believer. I am actually usually pretty damn upbeat, if I do say so myself. But every once in awhile I get a really crappy day, in my normally pretty great existence. Today was that day, for a plethora of reasons. If you are not a fan of whiny, bitching and all around venting of a craptastic day...then please walk away. Hell run! I've got to vent. Today, there was no enjoying the small things. Today, it was all about how much crap can be dumped on me in one day.

It all started last night ( yeah, Monday got a jump on me this week), this weekend we had to meet the Big Guy for a wedding. This resulted in us having to leave him, instead of the usual  him leaving us on the stoop. This totally sucked. After a great weekend of family togetherness, it really did make leaving each other that much more difficult. Before I pulled away, Bella started crying, "I don't want to leave Daddy" then as the Big Guy was kissing Gabs goodbye, she had a meltdown and started blubbering "I don't want to leave Daddy" Of course, Daddy is crying, then I am crying. I had to pull away. I could hardly see to drive through the tears. It was awful, the girls and I driving down the road looking like red spotted leopards from all the crying. Bedtime was  a nightmare because my exhausted, sad children were so upset when we got home. Add to that the fact that Bella had a slight fever.

This morning, Bella was still running a fever along with a runny nose and cough so I kept her home from school ( just what we need..to all be sick). I let the girls sleep in until they woke sometime around 8:30. Then I set out to clean the house. Why is it when you travel the house seems look like it was hit by a tornado while you were gone. Who knows? Maybe my house was actually ransacked, since I was made aware when I returned home on Sunday night that I had left the sliding door..UNLOCKED the entire weekend while I was away! Yeah, that warranted a nice thorough check of the house..just in case some crazy was hiding around some corner. Awesome. Just what I needed with all the kid drama! Anyways, so today while the kids are home and I am cleaning. I was painfully aware that I had two things on my to do list that I was totally dreading 1) fighting with the cell phone company to see what it is going to cost to break a contract since my husband is now in an area where his phone is rendered useless due to their poor service ( NOPE, we can't hear you now!!!) 2) I have to go over the finances to see what I can afford in the way of a car payment since my SUV decided to take a complete crap this past weekend!Yes, when it rains it pours!

Needless to say the tornado disaster had hit every single room in the house and so it took almost the entire day to clean it to presentable. The kids were following behind me, dragging out dress up dresses and every single toy they could get their little hands on and pulling it to the living room. It was like fighting a losing battle. I never actually got to do my bills or call the cell phone company but the one time I did try to access the computer, I was lucky enough to upload my photos from the wedding we had attended over the weekend. You know the wedding where the girls danced with their Daddy and grandparents. The wedding where we, as a group, karaoked Friends in Low Places. The wedding that we had so much fun at on Saturday night, who knew could bring so much sorrow to my life on Monday morning. As the photos were downloading, I caught glimpse of the ones of us doing the karaoke. It was that time of night where the 5 inch hooker heels had come off, the hair looked like I had been partying a little too hard,the girls were trying to escape from my dress, my face looked a little " dewy" from all the dancing and consumption of beverages, but the best part was that I looked about 11 months pregnant. Thank God I was holding a drink or someone might have asked me if I was pregnant...in which case I would have died of mortification! So the moral of the story is MONDAYS suck and never trust a dress that has any type of lycra/jersey mixture unless you are a waif or you will feel the shame of it the moment upon which you first set your eyes on any photos of the said offense. The no good, very bad, terribly horrible thing of it all is that for every picture I took at the wedding, the photographer took 5. So, for my mere 15 shots of me looking 13 months pregnant and drinking a cranberry and vodka, the photographer probably has a minimum of 75..and video! Yikes!!! Now, I must go, for I have a workout that needs to be done. This 17 month pregnant belly is not going to work itself off!Here's hoping Tuesday is better!


  1. Oh girl, I'm so sorry. Days like these completely suck. Tomorrow will be a much better day! xoxo

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  3. Brand new follower! Participating in the Follow Me Back Tuesday blog hop!


  4. I'm here from FMBT, so sorry you had a bad monday... hopefully today is better, you got a new follower here :P

    don't worry about the wedding pics, the bride usually doesn't care about anyone else in the photos except herself and the groom :) so hopefully it will go unnoticed :P

  5. Aww sorry you had such a lousy day.

    I'm following!

  6. I had already determined that 'today' was officially the start to the week. A Monday do-over of sorts? :) There seems to be a theme circulating the blogoshpere for a bad Monday this week. I hope your sweet girl is doing better soon!! {another great reason to hschool-no worry of sick days.} ;)

    (((huge hugs)))

  7. Where is the kareoking pics! :)

    My kids do the same thing, I have Hurricane Brayden and Addyson ransacking the house daily!

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