Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Help my Kindergartner has been body snatched

My Bella at the moment she was born. Wasn't she beautiful and glorious?

This is my Bella at age 1. She was so sweet! OMG, she held my whole heart in those tiny little hands.Those eyes could look right through my soul and make everything in teh whole world make sense.
This is my Bella at age 2. That small lovely face was my world. I lived for every moment that I could be her Mommy.I was the luckiest person alive to say that you were born to me.
This is my Bella at 3 years old. She was quirky, funny, full of life and happier than I thought was legally allowed or possible!
This is my Bella age 4. Her first day of preschool in Chesterfield. She was nervous, you can see the trepidation on her face.But she was excited and went on to adore WUMP and all of the cherished friendships that she made there.     

This is my Bella at age 5 , her first day of Kindergarten! Since then, I have not seen this little girl!  I miss that smiling, happy little girl!
This is who always seems to be waiting for me at Kindergarten pick up! Seriously, little are a crazy, emotional, overwhelmed and down right mean to your Mommy wreck. I can't take this out of control 16 year old trapped in and taking my 5 year olds body hostage every day. Please give her back! I will pay whatever you want. You can have my house, my car, my dog...hell, I'll even throw in a years supply of cootified Chuckie Cheese tokens for your enjoyment.Just give me back my Bella! Now, it's almost 11,excuse me while I go face my doom at yet another kindergarten pick up. Seriously....Give me my girl back!

Hang in there baby. Mommy's coming to save you.Uummm, save me us from your emotional state.No one told me the crazy emotional teenage tantrums could appear this early.I think I know the remedy... that's right, I'm bringing out the big guns. I'm bringing NAPS BACK!! Love you Baby!!.....even if you have lost your ever loving mind in Kindergarten!


  1. LOL cootified. Good luck mama:)

  2. Awww, hang in there. It will get better! :-) She is so adorable!


  3. Oh, I feel your pain. My 4 year old has started coming home from preschool acting like that. I can only imagine what it will be like when she's in kindergarten next year! Hope the nap helps!!

  4. My sweet, blondie was also snatched from us in Kindergarten. I'm here to tell you that as of second grade, he's been returned. He greets me smiling, most days, unless he's playing with LEGOs and then i have to wait a few miniutes for him to finish the guillotine or whatever. I remember days driving home with a hungry infant and my body-snatched kindergartener, both screaming at the top of their lungs. That was a long 3 mile drive, I can tell you.

  5. That's hilarious. Every once in awhile I get glimpses of my future hell from my 6 & 10 year olds.

    But mostly I'm in awe of the first picture - how awesome that you have that picture!!

  6. Oh man...I wish I would have warned you about this. My now 12 year old started showing her 16 year old self at around age 4. Yeah, it's awesome.
    Good luck girl! xoxo

  7. Oh...yes, naps cure so many things! I think Kindergarten must be emotionally exhuasting for everyone! My son just started too and by the time I pick him up, his poor little eyes are glazed over and he can barely muster a "where's my chocolate milk?" (His favorite after school treat).

    I hope things smooth out as time goes on, Good Luck and here's to napping!

  8. returning the favor and already getting enjoyment from your blog... although in another 5 years time... i'll be right there with ya! ARRGGG! wonder if it's the same for boys... all i know is... I HEART NAPS!! ;o)


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