Monday, September 6, 2010

Be a Better Me (You) Challenge-Day 6~Try Something New

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Yesterday's Be a Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 5 ~ Time for yourself
was easy to complete because I had the luxury of being at my in laws house and my husband was with us, so compared to my normal everyday, I had help. It was fantastic being able to pop my headphones on and read some blogs peace. I hope you found your 20 minutes. I really do believe it is imperative to being a better you, to actually have a few minutes a day to visit with yourself. It's easy to forget who you are if you never get to spend time with that person anymore.

Today's Be a Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 6~ Try something new.
As we find ourselves getting caught up in our routine, especially with kids, errands, career, and wifely duties it gets easy to get comfortable. Comfort is great in shoes, furniture, and clothes but not necessarily in our lives. When we get comfortable, we tend to get stagnant. It's the if its not broken why fix it syndrome. I personally, strive to try new things always. I want to be a work in progress. I am still in  the early stages of my life,why would I want to stop trying to see what's out there? My life is pretty sweet but who knows what I could learn, change, add to it to make it better. I  want to experience all life has to offer. If I get in a comfortable routine and stop trying new things, I am limiting my own potential as a person. I am effectively diminishing my quality of life. It sounds simple, and it really is, but its a conscience choice we have to make for ourselves every day. Choose to try something new; whether it's a new food, meeting a new person, a new vacation spot, a new sport, a new way of doing your hair, a new route for driving to work, a new way of talking to your kids...whatever it is, try something new! It will break the monotony of your daily routine and it may just introduce you to something that may change your life for the better forever. You never know until you try. Be open to opportunity!

My Challenge for you today is to try something new. Link up and share with us something new you tried and how it effected you. Can't to see what you all came up with!

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