Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday Minute: July 2,2010

Monday Minute


Describe your life in one word.

Is there something you wish you had learned how to do as a child?
To not hold my frustrations in until it becomes anger. I am learning slowly as an adult.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?
My parents but not in the emulating them sense but more in the learning from their mistakes.

What is your greatest dream/hope/aspiration?
For me personally, aside from being the best possible role model and Mommy to my girls, my greatest aspiration is to live my life to the fullest of my potential which would include becoming a well known author/blogger by parlaying my daily musings into a career.
But my greatest dream would obviously be what every Mother's prayer is to have happy, healthy children that live, long interesting lives with respect for themselves and always on the quest to conquer their dreams and exhaust their potential.

Do you believe you have reached your potential? Why/why not?
I know that I have not because I am fully aware that all things are possible and one day I will realize my dream of becoming a well known author/blogger. Where there is a will there is a way!At least that is what I have convinced myself, after all I am my BIGGEST cheerleader!


  1. Your second and third are answers I could have given

  2. I have a huge dream of being a successful blogger and author too girl!
    Love you friend!

  3. I love your answer to #3...that is how I feel too! stopping by from MM.

  4. I enjoyed reading your answer. Mine is not frustration but can't control my temper and being impulssive that sometimes put me introuble

  5. Finally! Someone who didn't answer with "guitar" or "piano"!!! ;)

  6. Learning from others mistakes is just as good as learning from your own! It is sometimes hard to do something different than what you know, so way to go!

  7. I think that we will always feel like there is something "more" out there. At least, I hope so. When the day comes that you have accomplished every single thing you have ever wanted to do, well you are probably very close to dying. Either that, or you didn't have a very long list. I think that things build on things. Once you accomplish one thing, there is the desire for the next big thing already starting to form in your head. Personally, I think that is a good. It keeps us motivated. Great answers to those questions. It is hard to be a mom and still keep your sense of self. I think that this blogging thing is helping you to do that.

  8. great answers! I have issues with holding in my emotions until they burst out *boom*. I need to learn how to talk about what I am feeling and deal with it calmly. It's so hard sometimes to share what is bothering me because at the time it seems SO petty!

  9. Fantabulous is a great word! I love that one!

    I really liked your "thing you wish you'd learned when you were younger"...what a great answer...and something to realize now that you still need to learn!

    Thanks for playing along!

    Jenn :)

  10. Love that your word is "fantabulous"!!! I'm pretty fond of that one too!!!!
    And there is not doubt in my mind that you will fullfill your dreams of becoming a well known writer. You have a true gift. You write so elequently....I read your posts and wish I could sound like I know what the hell I"m talking about!!!
    Happy Monday Lady!!!


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