Thursday, July 15, 2010

Challenge #3 - Let My Life Song Sing To You

I picked Miley Cyrus' "I can't be tamed!" Stop laughing! I realize I am a grown woman who is choosing to use a Miley Cyrus song to represent her life but what can I fits! I have been many things at many different times in my life to many different people but one thing has always been constant, I have always been me and I CAN NOT BE TAMED! Just ask the big guy. He has been trying for 13 years, as did my Daddy before that. It is simply impossible. I am woman , hear me roar!Happy Mothering!

Blog Bash


  1. In all honesty, I was waiting for someone to choose this song!! I knew it was bound to show up!!

    Thanks for playing & good luck!!

  2. I actually like this song, it's catchy. And it doesn't help that I know one of the dancers :)

  3. Seriously? I really like that song. I didn't even realize it was Miley Cyrus.

  4. Hi there! Coming over from the Blog Bash. I'm following you now. Can't wait to read a little more. Have a great day!

  5. Fun song, good choice, I am already following you, Happy blog Bash.



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