Monday, April 19, 2010

The things that come out of her mouth

As we are playing on the swing set in our back yard, I am telling my girls they have 5 minutes left before we go in for naps. They ignore me, as most often they do. I say once more, "5 minutes til we go in for naps!" (that by the way never did come to fruition.) Suddenly, my 5 year old looks at me and says, " Mom, just because I am talking to Gabs and not looking at you, I CAN still hear you....I have a super power!" Me: "Oh , yeah. What would that be? (besides the obvious, ignoring the sound of my voice without even flinching)" Bella: "I'm a SUPER LISTENER! I hear everything!" OK, that's news to me because she may hear me but she certainly does not always listen:)

The other day, while visiting my in laws (no less), we all go to dinner. On the way home in the car,we are discussing the idea of my husband and I going on a date. My husband and I had been excited about the idea of potentially being able to go out on a ourselves. My girls love having Grandma babysit....junk food, later bedtime, so on and so forth. It was going to be a win win situation. My 5 year old interjects into the conversation," Mommy, you should go out with Daddy. Have fun! Stay out as late as you want. But NOT TOO much fun or you'll come back with another baby!" Thanks a lot for the warning. I'm sure your Grandparents loved the information as well. My girls, they know no boundaries! I love it. I had to laugh, it was adorable and just totally hilarious the things her little mind cooks up.


  1. Holy cow! That's amazing having your 5 year old tell you to be careful or you'll have another baby! My (almost) 5 year old has just started getting embarrassed when he sees my husband and I kiss. It's funny.

  2. Kids say the darndest things. Did you ever watch Art Linkletter when you were little or does this show date me. lol


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