Friday, December 24, 2010

Mommy Truisms:Too Blessed to be Stressed Holiday Edition

It's a special time of year for us Mommies and so I thought I should share a special set of Mommy truisms. Hope this adds to your holiday enjoyment! Merry Christmas!

  • If your half asleep child wakes up in the middle of the night and you are caught red-handed wrapping "Santa" gifts, its better to gently walk said half asleep kid back to bed versus assuming they saw anything and telling them "Now that you know there's no Santa....".Believe me you can't unring that bell.
  • If you decide to make the elf on the shelf a part of your family tradition and tell your kids that the elves have magical powers of teleportation, its best not to get caught red-handed removing the elf from your luggage at the in laws house. Again, it's mighty hard to explain your way out of that mess.

  • Speaking of explaining your way out of a mess, if you accidentally use a term that you don't want your kids to know anything about, do NOT try to make up an explanation on the fly.It will end badly. For example, telling your kid that the "Boogie Monster is like the Cookie Monster but sucks the boogies out of sleeping children's noses" does not a situation better make.Just shut your mouth and pretend you said nothing.

  • When your littles are bugging the ever loving crap out of you wanting to make Christmas crafts, Christmas Cookies, or sing Christmas songs and you are running yourself crazy trying to make it the best Christmas ever..stop, take a deep breath and remember what its all for and about.It can't be perfect if you are annoyed with the very little people that you are trying to make it perfect for. Forget about the to do list and give those littles a little Christmas....NOW!

  • Don't drive yourself insane searching for the perfect gift.Don't do it. For the little ones it will change on a daily basis.Use your best judgment and give with your heart.Christmas morning is about smiles and togetherness.If you are there in the moment with them and the love is flowing,it will be the best Christmas ever.
  •  If you don't heed the previous warning, as I may or may not have in the past, you may find yourself crying at the end of Christmas morning because the Fancy Nancy book that you ordered special, the easel from France, or the freaking $100 chair you bought them (that you KNEW was going to be perfect) is met with a "why the hell did she buy me this" look.
  • Christmas, like life, is what you make of it. It's not about how much money or how many gifts you give.It's about the passion with which you celebrate. Do you want your littles to think the season is about money and material things or about the spirit of love, a sacred religious celebration, and spending time with those you love? Remember, we are teaching them what it's all about.
  • Don't assume every gift your little one wants comes from a store.Sometimes the most meaningful gift a parent can give their child is attention, a warm cuddle, a nose kiss, time together, lap snuggles, bed time stories, and REALLY listening to what your littles are actually saying. The smile these things bring is genuine and worth everything.
  • When you are buried up to your eyeballs in snow and and it looks like you are living in a snow globe, and the kids keep begging to go outside, sometimes the best thing you can do is throw on all your layers, go outside and have a snowball fight for 15 minutes. These are the moments that memories are made of, why make the memory be of you saying no.Make the memory be, my Mommy was so cool she stopped the world and played with me in the snow.
  • Christmas eve may be about traditions and Santa but Christmas morning is about presents and a big breakfast.
  • Stress and worry are the only Mommy emotions less valuable than guilt. Don't do it!
  • When all else fails, coffee and wine will get you through the holidays!

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. I hope that you have a wonderfully fabulous day basking in the glow of your families love. Kiss those littles, tell your Big Guy how much he means to you, and know that you are a great Mommy and wife.Merry Christmas, my friends.

This song is Christmas to me. 


  1. Merry Christmas Truthful Mommy! Your truisms are so very true! I hope your Christmas day is magical and fun and filled with lots of family lovin!


  2. Merry Christmas!!

    Just waiting for the day we get caught moving that dang elf... I know it's going to happen...

  3. @atomicgator,
    Thank you!Happy Holidays!

  4. @Bruna,
    Thanks love!I hope that you have an amazing Christmas day with your beautiful family,my friend!Merriest of Christmas to you!

  5. @Brittney,
    Thank you for stopping by!Hope you have a lovely holiday!

  6. @Missy,
    Oh yeah, its not a pretty picture when you get caught.Just 1 more of those times that I had to try and make up a quicky answer that came out sounding like maybe their Mommy was slightly retarded. Tread softly adn with caution, these littles are smarter and quicker than we could ever have imagined:)

  7. Love the truisms, Mama! And I can totally appreciate the sentiments. I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas and Glee! Yippy for Glee! :)

  8. LOVE this! LOVE!!!! And I love you. Merry Christmas Eve to one of my favorite mommies in the whole wide world. Kiss that sweet family of yours for me.


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