Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Morning Happiness

It's Friday and I just don't feel like Fawk You's. I'm having a happy Friday and so I want to take a moment to bask in the great things happening to me, right now:) (As evidence I don't always..just bitch:)LOL

She's wearing the crazy cowgirl hat because it was CRAZY hat day @ school.Halloween party was yesterday.
My Bella lost her first tooth last night in the middle of the night. I was awaken by a little face pressed to mine, whispering,"Mommy, my tooth fell out!Yippee!" She is so excited, she says it makes her a "real" kindergartner!I'm a little sad about it but I am really happy that she is so excited.Now, to figure out what the tooth fairy will be leaving and I gotta get on that tooth fairy pillow!STAT!

I know I am biased but this kid rocks my socks off!

An unsuspecting moment of joy appeared this morning, on the way back from kindergarten drop off, Bruno Mars' Just the way you are came on the radio and it is one of my favorites because of what it represents. I sing it to my girls all the time. This morning, from the back seat I hear a little voice lifting up.I peak in my rear view and there is my 3 year old singing it at the top of her lungs and my heart swooned.Girl you're amazing..just the way you are!!

Next, I am ecstatic for my Big Guy to come home! I look forward to Fridays like most people look forward to Christmas and so do my girls. The Big Guy is a wonderful father and husband. He is a very hands on parent and if I need a nap or a couple hours to myself, he knows before I even  need to ask and tells me to go do it. He really does complete me.I absolutely love me some Big Guy!

We are also really ecstatic about the fact that my wonderful brother in law has popped the question to his gorgeous girlfriend.We couldn't be happier.I can't wait to have another sister and my girls are over the moon to have "the Great" be their auntie! We love you both and we are wishing you a long life of happiness together!, this song is for you...We're so happy that You found her!

Next, I want to wish a very happiest of birthdays to my baby sister, Bekiluki (her Papi appointed nickname  from our childhood.We all have them:). Girl, this is going to be the year big things happen for you. I feel it in my bones. Remember, Monday, November 1st is the first day of the rest of our lives.We pinky promised!I'll be right there to hold your hand little sister, always! You can do anything you want to in this life.You deserve happiness! Go get your happiness!! Love you!

Bertie this is for you.Listen to the lyrics and know that  you are amazing and I am always here for you,little sister.There is a light in your eyes....

 Last but not least, Happy Friday, everyone! This song makes me happy spontaneously,hope it can brighten yours, as well.

 Happy Halloween from the Truthful Mommy household!


  1. You have a lot of good news over there right now!!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Bertha aka (Bekiluki)October 29, 2010 at 12:21 PM

    Awwwww!! I Love You Sooo Much Big Sis!! Don't ever want to Imagine what My life would be like without you in it!! You have ALWAYS been there for Me and I Thank God for you EVERYDAY!! YOU are a BIG Part of That Light in MY eyes! Thank You for being THE BEST SISTER a Girl could EVER hope for! I Love YOU MOre than Words could say!

  3. Yay, yay, YAY FOR IT ALL!
    Totally love the Bruno Mars song too... I mean LOVE.
    It's good to bask in the great things happening :)

  4. I needed to read a happy post! Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Been loving that Bruno Mars video. The Brat Pack Mash Up was new for me. Totally loved it and am stealing it for Thursday sometime. Congrats on all of the wonderful news. The tooth, the singing, the hubs, the costumes, the holiday. It is just one freakin' awesome day!!!

  6. Awesome! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  7. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! TGI (freaking) F!!!

  8. Hey Lady!!! I've missed you! I'm glad that you are having an amazing Friday! Your girls are cuter than ever and I'm totally with ya on the Bruno Mars song....LOVE it!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the man and the girls. We've got lots to catch up on. I'm working my way back!

  9. Have a great weekend! What a happy post, with lots of good news.

  10. that's a whole 'lotta good stuff going on over there! love the songs, the fab pics and i so hear you on the tooth-loss-sniffles! happy halloween to all of you! :)


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