Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be A Better Me (you) Challenge-Day 8 ~ Get Yourself a Life

Yesterday's Be A Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 7 ~ Make yourself a Priority
went pretty well. Well, it went as well as a Tuesday could possibly go in my house. The girls didn't actually go to sleep until almost 7 pm, so that threw my whole plan off. I never actually got to workout BUT I did get my hot shower in peace and in lieu of working out, I enjoyed a slowly eaten ice cream cone..all by myself. Counterproductive; yes, not a great choice; probably not, all for me; definitly. But I did make myself a priority and this morning instead of running like a maniac when I returned from dropping Bella off, I am catching up on emails and leisurely reading some really great blogs! This is a priority to me,something I don't always get to do but today I did! And it was really nice to feel like what I wanted to do was important.

Today's Be A Better me (You) Challenge -Day 8~Get a Life
This is simple, well, in theory it is. Find something you like to do, just you, for the sheer pleaure or passion of it and do it. For me, my passion is writing so this blog is mine ;for me and by me. It may chronical my family at times but mostly it is for me to be able to write and to keep me sane. As an added bonus, I have met some wonderful women through my blog and the community that I have built. Before my blog,  my whole life;every minute of every day was revolving around someone else. Granted it still does about 99% of the day, but for that 1 % of the day; of my life I can be inside my own head. I can be Debi. It's a baby step in the grand scheme of things, I know that but it eases me into pursuing my passions and keeping touch with myself. When my kids are grown and I don't have them to focus on every second of every day what will I be left with? What will you be left with? I want to be left with something for me. An accomplishment that I've done on my own. This blog gives me something outside of being a Mother that I can identify with and be proud of on my own. I am fully aware that this osunds ironic since I am a Mommy blogger and the whole basis of my blog is Mommying but the part that is my own is that I write it. When I write it, it may very well focus on my children and being a Mother but  it allows me to have an opinion, a perspective, a say in it all.It allows me to make it a part of my life instead of teh other way around.I think we all need that one thing that is our own. It keeps us tethered to the women we are inside.There is more to all of us than just being someone else's wife or Mother. I feel better about myself when I feel like I have a contribution to make to the world besides just breeding.I'm not saying that Mommying isn't my main role and it is one of the most important things that I will ever do.I know that!I embrace that. But I also know, as Mommies, we have it burned into our brain that if we do anything for ourselves we are short changing our family. That is simply not true. By having a life,we are showing them that its possible to have their cake and eat it too.This is especially an important lesson for our girls to learn early on. By enriching ourselves, we are enriching the kind of life we can provide to them; the kind of mother we are. It's a ripple effect. Now, go get a life!
Please link up your post about what hobby/passion you have that gives you a life. What do you do just for you? What is a hidden talent that you have that you've almost frogotten was there? Go use your God given talent, don't waste your gift.


  1. Hello friend! I LOVE this one!! It's such a great reminder that even though we are mothers, we don't stop being who we are as individuals. It's all about finding the perfect balance.

  2. I agree that writing keeps me sane. So glad that you take some time every day to write. It really doesn't matter what the topic is ~ even if it is your Mommy stuff as you say ~ as long as it is what you want to write about!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was much appreciated:-)

  3. Hi there! I found you on Welcome Wednesday's blog hop! Great blog and can't wait to read more!



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