Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be A Better Me ( You) Challenge - Day 21 ~ Listen to your heart

Yesterday's Be A Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 20 ~Be nice to someone; Pay it forward
is one that I plan on getting started on right away. I already let someone cut in front of me in the drop off line at school. They seemed frustrated and in more of a hurry than me so I figured, rather than getting annoyed to just let them go. Hopefully, that small gesture will make their day go a little smoother for them. It was a very small gesture, I know, but it's got to start somewhere. Hope you are being nice to others today and paying all random acts of kindness forward!

Today's Be A  Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 21 ~ Listen to your heart.
Really listen to what your heart wants. The only true key to happiness is following our hearts desire. Certainly, it is smart to follow your head, but I think total rationality is overrated. How many people do you know that go along or do things because they are supposed to not necessarily because they want to? What kind of quality of life are we having if we always do the right thing..or what is expected? Sometimes you have to be brave and follow your heart, even if it seems crazy. One of the craziest things I ever did was agreeing to marry the Big Guy after only dating for 3 months. My mind told me I was crazy if I said yes and my mind told me that obviously he was crazy for asking. I thought about it long and hard, but my heart kept drowning out the negativity of my brain. Of course I was afraid that it wouldn't last, that impetuous leap he asked me to take. But my heart kept saying, You are crazy if you don't take the leap. It could end in embarrassing failure or it could be the biggest and best adventure of your life. It could be your happily ever after. My heart talks a lot, just like the rest of me:) I took the chance and  it was scary for me to make such a rash decision but look at where I am  now; 11 years of marriage, 2 beautiful little girls, and more love than I could possibly have imagined. Listen to your heart, it just may open up all the hidden treasures that your life has to offer.Besides, I think our heart knows what will truly make us happy opposed to our head who only knows what society says will make us happy.


  1. I think that sometimes our intuition tells us the right thing to do and we can't shut that voice out no matter how hard we try. I think that voice is God. Others call it listening to their gut. Whatever. It is the thing that has saved lives, made lives, etc. Never go against your gut...

  2. I have a hard time with this- I tend to talk myself out of things.

  3. I am a full believer of this. I used to always second guess myself but I'm doing better listening to my heart. Love this girl!

    (I also want to tell you I love your playlist) :)


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