Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mother's Little Helper

Last night, as I was up FB chatting and texting my bestie at 3 am, (no we are not vampires, yes we are Mommies) we started talking about this song  and its been stuck in my head ever since. Basically, I am walking around with a theme song playing in my head now. So, I am sharing it, I think its going to be that kind of day. That's what I get for staying up til all hours of the night trying to catch up on emails and bloggy business. But so worth it that my bestie and I got to actually "talk" with no one in the background whining...."Mmmmmmmooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!" Of course, I think we were both pretty much slap happy and functioning at half speed at that time. It's OK though, she's known my flavor of crazy for almost 20 years now. In fact, she may be one of the only people who knows my flavor of crazy in its entirety, aside from the big guy. It reminded us both of when we were in college together. Good times. Yes, this post is pretty much pointless. I just wanted to share the song.I'm off to have my coffee and will return shortly with more insightful things to say....hopefully.
P.S. After further inspection of this video, it begs the question..Did Mic Jagger's lips get bigger with age? Or did his head get smaller? Things that make you go hhhhmmm?

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