Sunday, August 29, 2010

Be a Better Parent Challenge - Day 29 - Read and Learn

I am super duper sick today! I mean like cold sweats, runny nose, sore throat, ball of mush , I keep losing my balance and getting dizzy. I need to just lie here and veg out. So, I am sharing Kristen @ Motherhood Uncensored's post verbatim on today's challenge.I will hopefully be back to myself or more in the range tomorrow but I didn't want you to miss out on today's challenge. OK,Never mind I couldn't do it. I have loyalty to you people Have mercy on me, if it sounds ridiculous..its because I am ridiculously ill.

Today's Challenge #29: Read and Learn is quite simple. Find parenting books and read them.
Alright, so maybe finding the time to do that is not as simple as it sounds. I have had Eat, Pray ,Love all summer long and have only gotten 30 pages in. I have had Woman, God, 7 Food on my coffee table and have yet to crack it.I even made a failed attempt at reading and finishing 1-2-3 Magic, but I never got around to finishing..that explains some things!

Since I had the bug guy has been traveling a lot this year, I have not really had the opportunity to read much at all. My intentions are good and I am quite the bibliophile but when I have 2 kids who need everything from me at all times, it's not easy to make a case for reading and ignoring them.Luckily, they have started going to bed really early since school started ( 6 ish) but I am trying to maintain my blog and I actually work online int he evenings so  there's that. One hand I have a ob that pays money, on the other I have my blog that is my passion and then there's reading...obviously reading gets pushed to the back burner. Yes, I read books to my kids and I read the parenting books but that leaves no time for leisure reading unless I decide to forgo sleep, oh wait, I already gave that up fro blogging!

So, may resort to leaving books that I want to read in the bathroom.Though it kinda grosses me out to think about that. But as a last resort, you never know. I may actually get to finish Eat, Pray, Love.
Fortunately, most of the parenting books I've read I can skim, or at least read as a reference book, so I actually do get to glean information from them without reading the entire thing. Also, you can get a bunch of these as audio books or on your fancy readers, which might make it easier for you to digest them more quickly.

Here are some of Kristen's favorites (these are all Amazon affiliate links, by the way):
1-2-3 Magic (great discipline book)
Protecting the Gift (how to keep your kids safe)
Parenting Beyond Belief (for those of you who practice secular [non-religious] parenting)
Raising Freethinkers (the sequel to PBB)

Tell me your favorite parenting books!


  1. I live by 1-2-3 Magic. My daughter knows what 3 means and can often be heard saying "no 3, no 3!"

  2. Regarding this "reading parenting books" business I must say that I have done quite a lot and oftentimes I find myself falling short of the book or trying to live life according to perfect models of some child psychologist or other's mind. For me the most helpful thing when mothering is speaking with other mothers...Knowing that I am not alone and hearing practical advice.

    So, yes, to books, but always with a grain of salt and personal perspective...cause heck...every kid is so different - each one deserves a book of their own...

    That's just my 2 cents worth...

  3. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer saved my mommy life- I love my kids because I 'understand' them - but, yes, I haven't read a book since I had my second :), getting 30 pages into it is actually doing you are great!

  4. Feel better soon! :-)

  5. I am so sorry you are not feeling well at all. It seems like everyone has a little bug or something. I hope and pray that you feel better soon. Take care!


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