Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be a Better Parent Challenge - Day 12 - Play what they want you to play

Yesterday Be a Better Parent Challenge - Day 11 - You're not perfect, and that's okay 
was good for so many reasons.  I totally gave myself a break yesterday and it was awesome. Letting myself off the hook is great. It made me realize the only one holding me to these ridiculous standards are me. Who cares if I'm not perfect as long as I love my children and do what's best for them,I'm a good Mommy. So are you. How dd the accepting tat you are not perfect and  letting go of the guilt affect your day yesterday?
Today's Be a Better Parent Challenge - Day 12 - Play what they want you to play is a little harder than yesterday's challenge, for me. I know it sounds easy enough but I tend to really get caught up in the whole "Wait a minute","As soon as I finish this.." spectrum. I don't want to be like that. I feel like I am letting them down but things need to get done. Maybe I will try and ignore some of my responsibilities and have some fun with the girls.I'm sure they don't care if the laundry is piling up. That is not going to be the memories they have of their childhood. The memories will be Mommy dressing up and having a royal picnic with them on the living room floor, or a royal tea on the veranda but if I keep doing the whole "no thing" the memories will be "My Mommy was mean and we never did anything". That's not what I want so, I will make a conscious effort to stop what I am doing and go play.
So, grab a cup of coffee or your other Mommy juice of choice and go for it. No fair if you've got the television on in the background. Give them your full attention and full focus, whether it's dressing up like the 3rd dancing princess or chasing them around the house playing ninjas.
Have fun Ladies. I've got to go, I hear a tea party calling my name. Play on , my friends. Let me know what you did fun to play with your kids today!


  1. Thanks Casey! This is me, messing around with my template. My husband is working on a totally different site:) Happy Mothering!

  2. I have struggled with the same thing for so long...and now my son has started school and in some ways I really regret "having to get things done" instead of playing with him. so never squander those moments. Not to mention it is so good for an adult's "energy" to just play, forget about it all and just play. I once took a training class in play therapy and when we played the whole world opened up, it was awesome. It also made me realize how adult I was even as a child and did not even allow myself to play when I was a kid.

  3. First off, love your new template. Second, I do think this is really important. You get so involved in the have-tos of parenting that you forget about all the fun stuff. And life is so much more fun when you make it fun. Fun for you and fun for them. They will remember the fun stuff. That is really great. Lastly, I tagged you this week on HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY. Naturally, I wish you stopped in every Thursday just to check out what's what, but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss it!

  4. Well mine are out of the play stage, but I'm still guilty. This weekend we had a movie marathon night. The kids and I do this usually once a month. This weekend my son wanted a scary movie, so I was fine w/ that I love scary. But the movie he picked wasn't scary, it was gory. I hate gory, I have a weak stomach, but trying to be a good sport I tried so hard to suck it up. But the movie was not only disgusting but boring and had no real plot...we didn't watch it all. GUILTY as charged!


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