Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There is no beauty without pain

There is no beauty with out pain. Here are some pictures from my Mother's Day garden..progressing beautifully. Unfortunately for my girls , with all the beautiful flowers and butterflies comes loads of bees. 
with all this beauty came some pain....
Bella's first ever bee sting:( May 27, 2010) She was a trooper, she barely even cried.


  1. LOVED your comment this morning on my blog!What GREAT advice! I truthfully have never been so excited about anythinbg in my entire life.
    THANK YOU so much for folowing me! I'm already following you. I'm excited to see where this take both of us!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! How do you do it? I kill everything I touch.
    Poor Bella, I hope her sting is all better now.

  3. Gorgeous flowers....I wish I had the patience and yard to plant!!!
    And poor Bella...hope she is feeling better!!!
    Hope you have had a good week thus far!!!

  4. Oh those are beautiful flowers! Kinda good to get that sting out of the way when Mama is around? I always worry about allergies. Glad she is okay!


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