Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Future Housewives of New Jersey!

My little fashionista! You can always tell when they dress themselves!
Strike a pose!

Part Good night Cleveland; part Oh what a feeling ...Toyota!
Show Mama your Zoolander face!
Look at the little one..look at all that sass! No wonder the Modeling agencies wan to represent these girls!
Give me your best gangsta swagger ,little one! Big Sis..you keep on with the oh what a feeling pose!
Oh shit! Its the Saturday Night Fever walk..."ah, ah, ah, ah..Stayin' Alive, Staying Alive!"

Seriously Mom, my fashion sense is beyond reproach.
Hey, Little girl, Minnie Pearl called and she wants her clothes back!

Warning: Only tiny divas can pull off such cracked out ensembles. Grown women, please do not try this at home lest you want to be ridiculed and mocked forevermore by your children!


  1. Hi, I found you through Follow Me Back tuesday! How cute are they! So cute and funny! They are rockstars! I am your newest follower and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for following skinny on a dime and I am now your newest follower :)! Love the blog and your real feel appeal on life as a mom. It ain't always pretty but what would we do without it huh!

  3. How cute are they! It's nice to know my daughter isn't the only one that likes to express her complete...um...not sure through her clothes:)

    Thanks for the follow over at my blog!
    Back at ya!

  4. At least twice a week I let my daughter choose what she wants to wear. It always brings a smile to my face - even if I am cringing internally at the mismatched socks, flip flops and pink plaid matched with black & white polka dots! LOL!

    Very cute pics!

  5. Following you BACK!
    Cute blog! Can't wait to know you better through this BLOG WORLD. :)

  6. THe giant, slouch-y socks...there are no words for how fabulous those are!

  7. @ Sara, Even funnier...those are NOT socks..those are her pink fluffy bootie house shoes. No lie. And she has them on and shoved into some brown platform sandals of mine from like 1995 ( Yeah, they should have been given to goodwill so long ago)but she loves them for "dressing up"!

  8. So cute!! Thank you for the follow...I was already following you!! LOL!! :)

  9. Thanks for stoppin' by for a Latte'. Your fasionistas' are too cute!!! Happy Blogging!

  10. Love the Big Sis perma-pose. So cute!

  11. Hey there, following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday!

    Have a great night! :)


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