Monday, May 24, 2010

I love you right up to the moon....and Back!

Three years ago today, May 21, 2007, I woke up anxious and excited, scared and elated. This was the day I would meet the most precious little lady that I will ever know. This is the day that I met my joy and sunshine.

Three years ago today, I left your big sister at home asleep with Grandma ChaCha while your Daddy and I quietly went off to meet you.  But not before she gave you one last kiss before you entered into our world!

Three years ago today, our video camera decided to stop working and your Uncle Jeff had to drive his in from Michigan. He was happy to do it so we could commemorate your birth.
Three years ago today, I was told that you were too big for me to birth and may have had to have a cesarean section but I endured several different embarrassing and uncomfortable positions to prove them wrong (and I did!)Can you say Texas Roll?
Three years ago today, my heart doubled in size to accommodate all the love that I had in my heart to give to you.
Three years ago today, my eyes cried tears of overwhelming joy when I first saw your beautiful face.

Three years ago today, our family became complete.

Three years ago today, Daddy held you in his arms for the first time and you melted his heart and wrapped him around your tiny little finger, all in the same second.

Three years ago today, Bella became a proud big sister and has loved you every moment since with all the love her little heart could hold.

Three years ago today, I became the Mommy of one of God's most precious blessings.

Three years ago today (and every single day since)I looked down into the giant big blue eyes of yours and I fell deep into love with my Gabi!

Happy 3rd birthday baby! I love you ( and your sister) right up to the moon and back! No matter what, I love you! Even when you don't like me...Mommy always loves you!

I Love you so much More than a fat kid loves cake...its insane how much I love you!

Today, May 21, 2010, I love you more than words can give justice to. Everyday that I am blessed to be your Mommy is the greatest day of my life! You are my sunshine, GabiLuci!


  1. Happy Birthday to your special GabiLuci!

  2. Thanks Lanita!She is indeed a special GabiLuci!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful post. Definitely back up your posts... she'll want to see this when she's older!


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