Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Going Green; every purple and pink step of the way

I did such a great job on Earth Day that my little girls have been following me around constantly reminding me to give them the recyclables...because Heaven forbid they accidentally find their way into the actual garbage. That's good, I am proud of them. For 2 and 5 they are pretty amazing and very planet friendly conscious.They have also become very big fans of the "if its yellow let it mellow way of life!" This irritates my husband to no end. He screams , my five year old graciously explains about conserving water to save the world. Seriously, how can he argue? Now, I promised to hang a line and use the dryer as little as possible. So we have been hanging laundry all week.It's been beautiful out and who could resist. I am sure my neighbors think I am either trashy or a little hippie, either way, my linens smell amazing. Hope my homeowners association doesn't come gunning for me! Today we hung out a load and it made me giggle. All you could see was a sea of pink and purple. Yep, two little planet conscious princesses live here.

This year instead of flowers, we are planting our own butterfly, flower garden and instead of chocolates, we are planting our very own vegetable garden. The girls are super excited and so am I! Now, that being said...Mommy would still love some diamonds :) You know what they say? And who can't use a few more friends?


  1. cute! I need to be more 'green' :)

  2. I left you an award my blog. Lucky you!

  3. So cute! I'm pretty sure you should teach mommy classes, because you rock at it!

  4. I LOVE that yall are doing a garden..I really want to do one too...hmmm, maybe I should?

    Love the sea of pink & purple!

  5. Love this! Love the "sea of purple and pink", what a lovely sight! Who cares what neighbors think. I like your encouragement to your girls to think more green. My daughter is 21 months old and we have a garbage can and recycling can in our kitchen and I'm trying to teach her which things go in which one, but she's a bit young. Thanks for the encouragement to incorporate "green" into our every day lives. Every little bit helps.
    Love your garden ideas :)

  6. I want that ring.

    Oh, and being green is really great. Good for you!

    But I REALLY want that ring. Kthanks.

  7. I seriously wish I could hang my laundry smell ever. We own a condo though so that wouldn't work to well!!!
    And yes...I think it's necessary that you recieve diamonds....I think it's necessary that we all recieve diamonds!

  8. @Angelica, can't we all?
    @ RObin, Thanks and i will be posting it shortly! You rock!
    @ SEEJANEBAKE, you are so sweet to say that. WE have gotta get together before you leave for Savannah.Coffee and conversation on the deck.Never mind the
    @J, Go for it!
    @ Laina, its never too young to start. Good for you!
    @ Mrs. Beer, I love being more green but I gotta say Mama LOVES her diamonds. Sparkly stuff just makes me all weak int he knees!
    @ Nikki,I agree! I think diamonds and pearls should be mandatory PUSH gifts!Happy Mothering ladies!

  9. Saw the sea of purple and pink from across the way. Was thinking dang, I should do laundry today. Especially bedding and hang it outside and then thought. Hmmmmm? Exactly where would I hang my line? Not sure my charlie brown tree would withstand the weight and no deck yet. I appreciate the inspiration and going "green" Hopefully someday I can get a line! Good for you :)


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