Friday, March 19, 2010


Thank God it is officially Friday! As I lie here in the toddler bed blogging shamelessly from my iPhone ,since my two sweeties have taken over all the space in the spare room bed at my MIL's, I am blissfully exhausted. Sweet relief is in sight. In less then 24 hours, my husband will be back in town. Yey, me!!! Yes, I did say I was in the toddler bed. I'd take a picture but I think for posterity sake I should not. This week has been chalked full of activities to keep the girls distracted, adding to that all of my regularly scheduled mundane tasks of cleaning, laundry and cooking and this Mommy is out of time and energy . On the bright side , the girls and I made it through another week injury free.... Well, almost. All I know is I need at least 8 solid hours of sleep, a hot bath and maybe a back rub! Oh yeah, thank God it's Friday!!!! Hope everyone else is as excited as I am. I finally know what all the fuss is about.

-Truthful Mommy xoxo

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  1. WOOHOOO for hubs coming home! I'm jazzed for you! :)


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